• March 20, 2015
  • Kathleen
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8 ounces whole wheat fettuccine (spaghetti or linguine would also work)
1 1/2 cups cooked shredded chicken
1 cup jarred marinated artichoke hearts, chopped
2 cups chopped fresh baby spinach (about 3 big handfuls)
1/3 cup Bear Pond Farm Tomato Parmesan Pesto
1 green onion, sliced thinly
2 ounces goat cheese
salt and pepper to taste


Bring a large pot of water to boil. Add 2 tablespoons salt to the water, then add pasta. Cook according to package directions, until al dente.

When pasta is finished cooking, remove a cup of the pasta water from the pot and set aside. Drain remaining water and place cooked pasta in a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and stir until the pesto and goat cheese have coated everything and the spinach has wilted. If it gets too thick , add reserved pasta water a few tablespoonfuls at a time . The pasta should be lightly coated with a sauce.

Makes about 4 servings.

from Perry’s Plate